Trembling Blue Stars

Hi, and welcome to my tribute website to one of my favorite bands, The Trembling Blue Stars. In this post I wanted to go through some basic information about the band and hopefully get you inspired to start listening to them as well!

The front figure of the band, Bob Wratten, has spent almost 10 years writing the emotional and intimate love songs that builds the foundation of the Trembling Blue Stars. Stylistically, he’s been compared to the likes of Nick Drake as well as Joni Mitchell when it comes to writing, although musically his melodies and sounds are much more modern, and can be described as an indie act with strong influences of ambience and dance music, making it a fresh and exciting project.

Their sixth and latest album, The Seven Autumn Flowers, was released in October 2004, and recorded with the help of legendary engineer Ian Catt. A typical trademark for the trembling blue stars music is the fact that the songs are so particular in their lyrics. The different lyrics on the latest albums paints you pictures that are easily interpreted as the tracks go by, making it a very pleasurable experience. Overall, I would say that the latest album has a more hopeful tone to it than it’s predecessors, which often carry a heavy undertone of melancholy, heartbreak and regret. The new album’s hints that there might be light at the end of the tunnel after all, although it’s just a tiny bit.

Wratten formed started TBS in 1995, and it was intentionally meant to be a solo project, after he had finished playing in the cult followed band the Field mice, which in the previous decade had made some pretty big waves on the English Indie scene. The field mice records still sell for a decent price online and are considered masterpieces amongst indie music lovers around the U.K. Over the years, more and more band members joined and today they have a line up consisting of the current members of the band, which include drummer Jonathan Ackerman, Keris Howard on bass, Arzy on backing vocals, as well as of course Robert Wratten on lead vocals and guitar.. TBS can be described as more moody than the typically upbeat songs of The field mice. Could this possibly be a reflection of Bobby Wrattens life situation and how it has changed over the years? In any case, I much prefer the droning, sad songs of TBS. In particular, I’m fond of the lyrical masterpieces that Wratten seems to come up with regularly, a skill which few artists actually possess.

The band name comes from a an erotic novel written by Pauline Reage, called The Story of O. Wratten have long been known for borrowing lines from books and other mediums to name albums and songs, which is not a big surprise from someone who does so much writing and reading himself. Inspiration usually comes from what you are interested in, and books and movies have always inspired popular music.


Don’t forget about insurances

When you are in a electronics shop for example, it’s easy to be a bit annoyed by the salesman trying to push an insurance on you for everything you buy, and it’s usually quite easy to just dismiss it by impulse thinking that it won’t be needed – you will be careful with your new television and you are not planning to destroy it. Maybe you’ve had several TV’s in the past and none of them never had any problems that would have motivated an expensive insurance.

In these situations, however, it can be smart to think twice before you act, and this is because you never really no when bad fortune is going to strike. Think about it, and picture the last time you experienced some real bad luck. If I’m thinking about it, the first thing that comes to mind is when I was putting up a new TV-dish on the roof of our house last winter. The day in question was really cold, as I had gotten the new dish on Christmas as a present, and as we were done with all the celebrations I figured I would put it up as we could use some time in front of the TV to relax. So I put my tool belt on, and climbed the ladder up the roof, thinking this was something I could easily fix myself – after all I had always been a bit of a handy man. I climbed up to where the chimney was and started to assembly the different parts in order to get it in to place.

As I said, this was in December and snow had been falling for a couple of weeks. That snow had later melted and frozen again, making the roof tiles slippery at places. Before I knew it I lost my foothold, and by reflex I grabbed on to the chimney to save myself from falling of the roof. This, however, meant that I let go of the TV-dish, which was now sliding down the roof towards the driveway, and the disaster was a fact. With a load bang, the heavy antenna cracked down on the roof of my six months new car which was parked underneath, causing not only scratches but also a large indention to the roof.

How could I have possibly foreseen this would happen? There’s just no way – Sometimes bad luck hits you, and when it does, there’s no way to avoid it. I was really glad that my car had been insured properly, meaning I only had to pay a small deductible fee of a £100, while my insurance company took care of the rest. That would not have been the case if it wasn’t insured, as car repairs are quite expensive.

So what I want to say, is that you should think both once and twice before you decide against an insurance when you are buying something expensive. I personally use Euroconsumer in order to find the cheapest and best insurance!


Time to start trading Binary Op’s!

So, I’m quite excited about this post. I have always thought of myself very much of an everyday day man. I have a pretty normal day job which requires no certain skill set and I have never considered myself exceptional at anything. When I started trading binary options a couple of months ago, I got into it thinking I’d give it a try, but I never really expected to make a lot of money out of it. I mean, financial trading… I’ve never been to business school and I still cringe a little just thinking about having to sort out next month’s bills. As you probably would have guessed, I’ve never had much knowledge of finance. But I’m proud to say today that I have made my first £1000 for trading binary options, and I had said to myself that before that happened, I wouldn’t start recommending it to people.

I got into binary options trading by a total fluke. I was just browsing around the internet looking for some quick entertainment as I searched Google for ways to make money online. I got onto a website called binaryoptions.pm, which I guess works as a kind of portal for the people involved in the binary scene. First thing I did, as I had never before heard of the term binary options, was to read a beginners guide which was provided on the website. I realized quite quickly that this might not be all that hard to understand. Basically, all you have to do is to invest on a currency, stock, indices, or commodity based on the assumption that this asset will either increase or decrease in value within a specified time. If you are right when you invest, you will get almost twice your investment back, and if you are wrong you will lose your full investment. Basically, it’s just like betting on a sports game, but in a completely different field.

So, with the beginners guides read, I followed a tip that was suggested, which was to open a demo account with a known broker in order to practice. So I browsed through the websites archive of reviews, and managed to find a broker that seemed really good. I then created a demo account which allowed me to start trading with money that wasn’t real, as this helps you to understand how the whole thing works. It also means that you can make bad investments without getting punished for it.

After about a month or so, I started getting more confident and opened a real account. As I started to trade with real money, my results would vary significantly in the first couple of months, but stabilize over time, and last months I made my first real profit!

Now, I have even worked up the guts to try out forex trading, which works a little different but is an equally exciting way of making money on your free time! You can read more about it here!


Keep gambling fun – avoid gambling problems

When asking people about gambling, you will usually get two types of responses – either people like it, or they are opposed to it. Those that are opposed to gambling are often of the opinion that it’s a waste of money and that it is addictive and that it gets people into trouble. Whereas there is some truth in this statement (read more about it here), it’s not exactly right, as most people do manage to keep their gambling in check and use it just as a hobby. On the other hand, some people do indeed end up with a terrible gambling problem and sometimes get completely lost in it, losing everything they own to it – we just have to have a look in the newspapers to read the storys of people that have lost millions on online gambling.

In this post I wanted to go through some general tips that you can use in order to make sure that you are always gambling responsibly when you are in the online casino – and it’s really all about discipline. When we are doing something exciting, the natural response is to do more of that, as you feel good when you do it – and this is really the root of any addiction. This does not apply differently to gambling than to anything else. People get addicted to drugs, cigarettes, chocolate and even computer games for this reason. Usually we define an addiction as the point when you no longer feel that you have the choice to stop.

So, to avoid this, it’s important for us to set up some ground rules when it comes to your gambling habits. It’s a good idea to not gamble without a time plan for example. When you visit an online gambling website, such as Balloon Bingo, make sure to set up a time limit for how long you are allowed to play. If you say that you are only going to play for an hour, don’t let yourself play any longer than that. Naturally, when that hour is over, if things have been going really good and you’ve been winning a lot of money, your natural instinct would tell you to continue playing – after all, it feels good to win. What’s important to understand here, is that within time, ever casino game will make you lose your money. No one is lucky enough to constantly win against a casino game, so you better take your profit and cash out before it’s to late!

The next rule to set up has to do with your economy. Considering the statement I wrote up above, it goes without saying that you should never gamble for money you cannot afford to lose, but you already knew that. This however, should not mean that you should feel free to gamble for every penny that you actually can afford to lose! Always set a limit on how much you are willing to lose in one single session. This amount should be small enough so that it doesn’t matter if you lose it all. If you manage to win then it’s a bonus, but you should always expect that you might lose the whole sum during the session you play.