Don’t forget about insurances

When you are in a electronics shop for example, it’s easy to be a bit annoyed by the salesman trying to push an insurance on you for everything you buy, and it’s usually quite easy to just dismiss it by impulse thinking that it won’t be needed – you will be careful with your new television and you are not planning to destroy it. Maybe you’ve had several TV’s in the past and none of them never had any problems that would have motivated an expensive insurance.

In these situations, however, it can be smart to think twice before you act, and this is because you never really no when bad fortune is going to strike. Think about it, and picture the last time you experienced some real bad luck. If I’m thinking about it, the first thing that comes to mind is when I was putting up a new TV-dish on the roof of our house last winter. The day in question was really cold, as I had gotten the new dish on Christmas as a present, and as we were done with all the celebrations I figured I would put it up as we could use some time in front of the TV to relax. So I put my tool belt on, and climbed the ladder up the roof, thinking this was something I could easily fix myself – after all I had always been a bit of a handy man. I climbed up to where the chimney was and started to assembly the different parts in order to get it in to place.

As I said, this was in December and snow had been falling for a couple of weeks. That snow had later melted and frozen again, making the roof tiles slippery at places. Before I knew it I lost my foothold, and by reflex I grabbed on to the chimney to save myself from falling of the roof. This, however, meant that I let go of the TV-dish, which was now sliding down the roof towards the driveway, and the disaster was a fact. With a load bang, the heavy antenna cracked down on the roof of my six months new car which was parked underneath, causing not only scratches but also a large indention to the roof.

How could I have possibly foreseen this would happen? There’s just no way – Sometimes bad luck hits you, and when it does, there’s no way to avoid it. I was really glad that my car had been insured properly, meaning I only had to pay a small deductible fee of a £100, while my insurance company took care of the rest. That would not have been the case if it wasn’t insured, as car repairs are quite expensive.

So what I want to say, is that you should think both once and twice before you decide against an insurance when you are buying something expensive. I personally use Euroconsumer in order to find the cheapest and best insurance!

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