Trembling Blue Stars

Hi, and welcome to my tribute website to one of my favorite bands, The Trembling Blue Stars. In this post I wanted to go through some basic information about the band and hopefully get you inspired to start listening to them as well!

The front figure of the band, Bob Wratten, has spent almost 10 years writing the emotional and intimate love songs that builds the foundation of the Trembling Blue Stars. Stylistically, he’s been compared to the likes of Nick Drake as well as Joni Mitchell when it comes to writing, although musically his melodies and sounds are much more modern, and can be described as an indie act with strong influences of ambience and dance music, making it a fresh and exciting project.

Their sixth and latest album, The Seven Autumn Flowers, was released in October 2004, and recorded with the help of legendary engineer Ian Catt. A typical trademark for the trembling blue stars music is the fact that the songs are so particular in their lyrics. The different lyrics on the latest albums paints you pictures that are easily interpreted as the tracks go by, making it a very pleasurable experience. Overall, I would say that the latest album has a more hopeful tone to it than it’s predecessors, which often carry a heavy undertone of melancholy, heartbreak and regret. The new album’s hints that there might be light at the end of the tunnel after all, although it’s just a tiny bit.

Wratten formed started TBS in 1995, and it was intentionally meant to be a solo project, after he had finished playing in the cult followed band the Field mice, which in the previous decade had made some pretty big waves on the English Indie scene. The field mice records still sell for a decent price online and are considered masterpieces amongst indie music lovers around the U.K. Over the years, more and more band members joined and today they have a line up consisting of the current members of the band, which include drummer Jonathan Ackerman, Keris Howard on bass, Arzy on backing vocals, as well as of course Robert Wratten on lead vocals and guitar.. TBS can be described as more moody than the typically upbeat songs of The field mice. Could this possibly be a reflection of Bobby Wrattens life situation and how it has changed over the years? In any case, I much prefer the droning, sad songs of TBS. In particular, I’m fond of the lyrical masterpieces that Wratten seems to come up with regularly, a skill which few artists actually possess.

The band name comes from a an erotic novel written by Pauline Reage, called The Story of O. Wratten have long been known for borrowing lines from books and other mediums to name albums and songs, which is not a big surprise from someone who does so much writing and reading himself. Inspiration usually comes from what you are interested in, and books and movies have always inspired popular music.

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